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Publications: M.Sc Theses

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Anghel, Paul A.

P. A. Anghel, "Generalized Multicarrier Transmissions and RAKE Receivers for CDMA in Unknown Multipath," Spring, 2000.

Baingana, Brian

B. Baingana, "Embedding Graphs under Centrality Constraints," Dept. of ECE, University of Minnesota, May 2013.

Bapat, Niachiket

N. Bapat, "Turbo-Decoding of Coded-Precoded OFDM," Fall, 2002.

Bazerque, Juan Andrés

J. A. Bazerque, "Distributed Sensing and Resource Allocation for Cognitive Radio Networks," August 2009.

Berberidis, Dimitrios K.

D. K. Berberidis, "Online Censoring for Large-Scale Regressions and Dynamical Processes with Application to Streaming Big Data," Dept. of ECE, University of Minnesota, July 2015.

Dandawate, Amod V.

A. V. Dandawate, "Noise cancelers using higher-order statistics with application to speech enhancement," October 1989.

Delopoulos, Anastasios

A. Delopoulos, "Estimation of autocorrelation and spectra using cumulants and polyspectra: non-parametric and parametric adaptive approaches," Now with the Dept. of Electrical Engr., Ntl. Tech. Univ. of Athens, Greece (Research Associate), May 1990.

Farahmand, Shahrokh

S. Farahmand, "Low-Complexity Synchronization and Demodulation Algorithms for Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radios," May 2006.

Gatsis, Nikolaos

N. Gatsis, "Utility-Based Power Control for Cooperative Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks," July 2010.

Grobmyer, C.

C. Grobmyer, "Adaptive phase correction of one-sided asymmetric interferograms," May 1992.

Heath, Jr., Robert W.

R. W. Heath, "Mitigating channel distortions in wireless orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication systems," Now a phd student at Stanford Univ, August 1997.

Jain, Nitin

N. Jain, "Joint Link Learning and Cognitive Radio Sensing," Dept. of ECE, University of Minnesota, May 2012.

Kambanellas, A.

A. Kambanellas, "All-Digital Modulo Pre-Equalizer of Nonlinear Communication Channels," January 1999.

Lin, Y.

Y. Lin, "Globally Convergent Constant-Modulus Blind Equalization of Redundant Block Transmissions," January 1999.

Lu, Bing

B. Lu, "Block Differential Encoding for Rapidly Fading Channels," Fall, 2002.

Malek, C.

C. Malek, "Topics in chaos and fractal signal processing," May 1993.

Mateos, Gonzalo

G. Mateos, "Distributed Adaptive Estimation and Tracking using Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks," July 2009.

Rangoussi, M.

M. Rangoussi, "Signal reconstruction algorithms and the use of inverse higher-order statistics," Now with the Dept. of Electrical Engr., Ntl. Tech. Univ. of Athens, Greece (Research Associate), May 1990.

Ribeiro, Alejandro

A. Ribeiro, "Distributed Quantization-Estimation for Wireless Sensor Networks," August 2005.

Schizas, Ioannis D.

I. D. Schizas, "Channel-Aware Distributed Estimation and Dimensionality Reduction using Wireless Sensor Networks," February 2007.

Tang, Wei

W. Tang, "Redundant Filterbank Precoders and Decision-Feedback Equalizers for Block Transmission Systems," January 1999.

Tepedelenlioglu, Cihan

C. Tepedelenlioglu, "Diversity techniques for self-recovering equalization of mobile communication channels," October 1997.

Traganitis, Panagiotis A.

P. A. Traganitis, "Large-scale clustering using Random Sketching and Validation," Dept. of ECE, University of Minnesota, July 2015.

Tsatsanis, Michail K.

M. K. Tsatsanis, "Detection, estimation and classification using matched filtering and higher-order statistics," Received the Best Graduate Engineering Thesis Award (NEC Award), University of Virginia, 1990, April 1990.

Wang, Tairan

T. Wang, "Wireless Cooperative Communications and Networking: Performance and Protocols," January 2006.

Wang, Zhengdao

Z. Wang, "Multirate Transceivers for Block wireless Transmissions and Multicarrier CDMA Irrespective of Unknown Multipath Channels," December 1998.

Yang, Liuqing

L. Yang, "Multi-Access Algorithms for Ultra-Wideband Communications," Fall, 2001.

Zhou, Guotong

G. Zhou, "Amplitude modulated time series, higher-order statistics, and cyclostationarity," December 1992.

Zhu, Hao

H. Zhu, "Distributed Tracking, Decoding,and Demodulation Using Wireless Sensor Networks," November 2009.