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Group Pictures: GG's friends and family

  • Swami

    Swami's Home

    Prof. Georgios Giannakis (GG), GG's mom and nephew and Dr. Swami

    Fall '97

  • G
  • Swami

    Corfu Hilton '96

    Prof. Georgios Giannakis and Dr. Ananthram Swami

  • Eleni

    Corfu Hilton '96

    Prof Georgios Giannakis and his sister Eleni

  • Giannakis

    Georgios B. Giannakis

  • Family

    Georgios Giannakis and Family

  • G and four
  • G and five
  • Sergio

    Georgios B. Giannakis and Sergio

  • Fellow

    GG Fellow IEEE

  • Vassilli


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