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Initiatives in Digital Technology: 2009–10 Funded Proposals

The Digital Technology Center is pleased to announce that four proposals were funded as part of its FY10 Digital Technology Initiative Program — call for proposals. The list of funded proposals, including the PIs, and co-investigators is available below.

Investigators Title

Zhi-Li Zhang
Computer Science and Engineering

Haiyang Liu

Towards a Unifying Framework for Routing System Design and Analysis in Inter-netted, Heterogeneous, Mobile, Dynamic Networks

David Lilja
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mohamed Mokbel
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Integrating Solid State Drives into the Storage Hierarchy

Mihailo Javanovic
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Satish Kumar
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Transition to Elastic Turbulence with Applications to Mixing Enhancement in Microfluidic Devices

George Karypis
Computer Science and Engineering

Arindam Banerjee
Computer Science and Engineering

Data Mining Based Intelligent Clinical Decision Information Systems

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