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Initiatives in Digital Technology: 2007–08 Funded Proposals

The Digital Technology Center is pleased to announce that nine proposals were funded as part of its FY08 Digital Technology Initiative Program — call for proposals. The list of funded proposals, including the PIs, and co-investigators is available below.

This year twenty-seven proposals were received. Of the twenty-seven proposals, nine were funded for a total of $307,551. Of the nine proposals that were funded, eight of the proposals involved industrial collaborations.

Investigators Title

Abhishek Chandra
Computer Science and Engineering

Zhi-Li Zhang
Computer Science and Engineering

Sambit Sahu
T.J. Waston Research Center, IBM

Kuai Xu
Network System Group, Technical Yahoo

A Fault Inference and Troubleshooting Framework for Large-Scale Networked Systems more

Arthur Erdman
Mechanical Engineering

William Durfee
Mechanical Engineering

Gary Meyer
Computer Science and Engineering

Nic Ward
Mechanical Engineering/Human Factors

Computer Aided Design Integrated with Virtual Reality for the Development of Medical Devices more

Susanta K Hui
Therapeutic Radiology

Nikos Papanikolopoulos
Computer Science and Engineering

Tom D. Whitaker
Motion Analysis Corporation

An Optical Vision System for a Closed-loop Real-time Body Motion Tracking Instrument for Advanced Radiation Treatment more

Vipin Kumar
Computer Science and Engineering

Fred Kulack
IBM LifeSciences

Michael Steinbach
Computer Science and Engineering

Richard Mushlin
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Data Mining for Connecting Genomic Data and Disease more

Tom Luo
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele
Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR)

Optimal B1 Shimming for Ultra High Field Human Scanners more

Gregory J. Metzger
Center for Magnetic Resonance Research Department of Radiology

Alexander M. Truskinovsky
Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Kenneth S. Koenemann
Urologic Surgery

Construction of Three-Dimensional Co-Registered Pathology Data as a Gold Standard for the Classification of Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Prostate Cancer more

Mohamed F. Mokbel
Computer Science and Engineering

Robert Bestgen
iSeries Database Query Optimizer, IBM

Exploiting Adaptive and Progressive Query Processors in Commercial Database Systems more

William P. Robbins
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rajesh Rajamani
Mechanical Engineering

Dan Glumac
Envoy Medical Corp.

Peter Schiller
Envoy Medical Corp.

Powering Portable Electronics Using Energy Harvested from Human Locomotion (Walking) more

Jon Weissman
Computer Science and Engineering

Abhishek Chandra
Computer Science and Engineering

Matthew Martimo
Citilabs, Inc.

Mark Filipi
Metropolitan Council

Putting Next Generation Traffic Models on the Open Grid more

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