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Initiatives in Digital Technology: 2004–05 Funded Proposals

The Digital Technology Center is pleased to announce that eleven proposals were funded as part of its Digital Technology Initiative Program — call for proposals. The list of funded proposals, including the PIs, co-investigators, and the abstracts is available below.

Investigators Title

Simon Hooper
Learning Technologies, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Susan Rose
American Sign Language Department of Education and Psychology

Computer-tools for Improving American Sign Language Instruction more

Allison Hubel
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Marc Jenkins
Department of Microbiology

Sundaram Ramakrishnan
Department of Pharmacology

Jerry Sedgewick
Biomedical Image Processing Laboratory

Visualization of Biological Events at Ideal Near Infrared Wavelengths more

Joe Konstan
Computer Science and Engineering

Loren Terveen
Computer Science and Engineering

Eye-Tracking Research on Community Websites: Photo Directories and Building Social Networks more

Claudia Neuhauser
Ecology, Evolution, and Human Behavior

Fumiaki Katagiri
Plant Biology

Neil Olszewski
Plant Biology

Graduate Research Training Program in Computational Analysis of Biological Networks more

Ted Pedersen
Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota, Duluth

Serguei Pahkomov
Division of Medical Informatics, Mayo Clinic

Developing Measures of Semantic Relatedness for the Biomedical Domain more

Anne Pusey
Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

Shashi Shekhar
Department of Computer Science

Jaideep Srivastava
Department of Computer Science

A digital library to archive research material from Jane Goodall's Gombe chimpanzee project more

Frederick J. Riggins
Dept. of Information and Decision Sciences, Carlson School of Management

Robert J. Kauffman
Dept. of Information and Decision Sciences, Carlson School of Management

The Impact of the Digital Divide on Management and Policy: Determinants and Implications of Unequal Access to Information Technology more

Jaijeet Roychowdhury
ECE Department

Wei-Chung Hsu
Computer Science and Engineering

Speeding up circuit simulation by optimizing cache/memory utilization more

William Schuler
Computer Science and Engineering

Richard Voyles
Computer Science and Engineering

Jeanette Gundel
Linguistics Program, ILES

Multi-modal coaching of quasi-repetitive tasks more

Jaideep Srivastava
Computer Science and Engineering

Piet de Groen
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

George Karypis
Department of Computer, Science & Engineering, Digital Technology Center

Vipin Kumar
Army High Performance Computing Research Center, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Mining Structured & Unstructured Life-Sciences Data more

David A. Yuen
Dept. of Geology and Geophysics and Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

Robert Hoolebeek
National Digital Mammogram Center, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Witold Dzwinel
Computer Science Institute, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

An Integrated Approach for Analyzing Mammograms more

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