James A. (Jim) Reeds

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About these pages

These pages are graciously hosted by the Digital Technology Center, whose long-suffering director seems to have taken a shine to my ``Monkeys and Typewriters'' page. They recreate, in part, the undisciplined sprawl of pages I had several years ago on my computer at a former job.

In the process of moving them to this new site some links have been broken, and will in time be repaired.

About me

Trained as a mathematician and statistician, I figure myself a broad but shallow thinker. I am a couch potato. My hobbies: hiking and reading. I have a respectable but not stellar Erdos number.

Here is a very brief CV:


Michigan, BA 1969, Mathematics

Brandeis, MA 1972, Mathematics

Harvard, PhD 1976, Statistics


Asst. Prof, Statistics Department, UC Berkeley, 1977-1982

Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs/AT&T Labs, 1982-2002

Member of Research Staff, Center for Communications Research, 2002-present

I have lived in Iowa City, Fargo, Altoona, Heiligenkirchen, Detmold, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, Cambridge, Rosemont (MA and PA, respectively), Berkeley, New Providence, and Princeton.

I have met people who met (1st or 2nd or 3d hand) various celebreties: a famous spy, Dwight Eisenhower, Sigmund Freud (via my mother-in-law's high school Latin teacher, married to an early disciple), the Emperor of Japan, and Bertold Brecht. I have shaken hands with a coelocanth, and a very nasty experience it was, too: he was dripping with formaldehyde. My sister-in-law once met Tatsuya Nakadai. In consequence, I have touched the hand that touched the hand that wielded the Sword of Doom! But my closest personal brush with celebrity was in high school, when I sat next to Iggy Pop in social studies class.

Research Interests

History of Cryptography

Applied Mathematics


Braggy stuff

My kid



Some papers, unpublished and otherwise

Hobby horses

Commercial Code Books

Tailor Pink

Voynich manuscript

Monkeys and Typewriters

Time Travel

Book of Soyga

Book 3 of the Steganographia of Johannes Trithemius (1462-1516)

A Most Singular Detective

Hello invented by Edison?

Miscellaneous Data Attic

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