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DTC Seminar Series

Detection of Pilot Contamination Attack in TDD Multiple Antenna Systems


Jitendra K Tugnait
Auburn University

Thursday, October 15, 2015
5:00 p.m. reception
5:30 p.m. seminar

401/402 Walter Library

In a time-division duplex (TDD) multiple antenna system, the channel state information (CSI) can be estimated using reverse training. A pilot contamination attack occurs when during the training phase, an adversary also sends identical training (pilot) signal as that of the legitimate receiver. This contaminates channel estimation and alters the legitimate beamformer/precoder design, facilitating eavesdropping. We investigate superimposing a random sequence on the training sequence at the legitimate receivers, allowing use of source enumeration methods to detect pilot contamination attack. We discuss both TDD/TDMA and TDD/SDMA uplink scenarios. The proposed method is analyzed and its detection performance is illustrated via simulations.


Jitendra K. Tugnait received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in 1978.

He has held positions with the Indian Space Research Organization, the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and the Exxon Production Research Company, Houston. He has been with Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama since 1989 where he currently holds the title of James B. Davis Professor. His current research interests are in statistical signal processing, wireless communications, cognitive radio networks, and multiple sensor multiple target tracking.

He is an IEEE Fellow, and a past Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, and the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. He is currently a Senior Area Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, and a Senior Editor of IEEE Wireless Communications Letters.