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DTC Seminar Series

Optimizing the ergodic rate density in random ad-hoc networks


Itsik Bergel
Faculty of Engineering
Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
3:30 p.m. reception
4:00 p.m. seminar

401/402 Walter Library

Itsik Bergel

In recent years, much attention has been paid to the analysis of random wireless ad hoc networks (WANETs) that combine the effect of the physical layer, medium access and routing. Wireless ad hoc networks (WANETs) allow users to communicate, sharing the same wireless channel, without the need of any infrastructure. The talk will present novel lower and upper bounds on the ergodic rate density in slotted ALOHA WANETs. The bounds are applicable for various network models and provide a simple formula that completely characterizes the network performance. Using these bounds we also study the routing problem and present a novel routing metric termed statistically optimal routing. The suggested routing metric uses knowledge of the channel state for the desired receiver but only the statistics of the interferers. The novel metric maximizes the bounds on the ergodic rate density, and outperforms currently known routing approaches.