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Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), and enabling technologies


Neeli Prasad

Monday, October 21, 2013
4:30 p.m. reception
5:00 p.m. lecture

401/402 Walter Library

Neeli Prasad

Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) hold the promise of transforming the way in which enterprises do business and how we live our lives. As such, the two topics go across technologies - from the very sensing and actuation all the way to the applications that sit in the cloud — including all the intermediate layers of network communication.

This lecture starts by presenting use cases of IoT and M2M from the already implemented to the smart-cities and -communities. Following this, the state-of-the-art enabling technologies will be presented with a walkthrough of the complete layers and architectures for wireless sensor networks and related technologies such as RFID. Next, end-to-end architectures for enabling the IoT and M2M eco-system are presented. Security, privacy, and trust are of the utmost importance in any scenario including personal or sensitive data or information and are present as a separate topic.


Neeli Prasad is leading a global team of 20+ researchers across multiple technical areas and projects in Japan, India, throughout Europe and USA. She has a Master of Science degree from Delft University, Netherlands and a PhD degree in electrical and electronic engineering from University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. She has been involved in projects totaling more than $120 million – many of which she has been the principal investigator. Her notable accomplishments include enhancing the technology of multinational players including Cisco, HUAWEI, NIKSUN, Nokia-Siemens and NICT as well as defining the reference framework for Future Internet Assembly and being one of the early key contributors to Internet of Things. She is also an advisor to the European Commission and expert member of governmental working groups and cross-continental forums. Previously, she has served as chief architect on large-scale projects from both the network operator and vendor side looking across the entire product and solution portfolio covering wireless, mobility, security, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine, eHealth, smart cities and cloud technologies. She has more than 250 publications and published two of the first books on WLAN. She is an IEEE senior member and an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer