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DTC Leading Edge Seminar Series

Storage Virtualization: Maximizing Efficiency and Flexibility


Mike Klemm
Distinguished Engineer
Dell Inc., Enterprise Storage Systems

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
3:30 p.m. reception
4:00 p.m. seminar

401/402 Walter Library

KlemmStorage Virtualization allows for the use of multiple physical resources to efficiently deploy multiple workloads. In the last few years virtualization has been focused around tiers of disks, RAID levels, network resources, compute resources and more recently on compression and deduplication. Intelligent systems now optimize the placement of data based on its usage and capabilities. Implementations have worked around limitations imposed by Server Operating Systems, SCSI, and network limitations such as iSCSI and FC. Changing storage technologies like the Cloud and Flash add to the scope of possibilities for storage and change many assumptions of disk based systems.


Mike Klemm is a Distinguished Engineer in Dell's Enterprise Storage business. Mike architected the Compellent Storage Center originally created by Eden Prairie based Compellent Technologies which was acquired by Dell in 2011. His contribution of the Dynamic Block Architecture gives the Compellent Storage Center the ability maximize data storage efficiency and also provide seamless integration with storage features like thin provisioning, snapshots, replication, and live migration.