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Center for Research in Intelligent Storage (CRIS): A new NSF Multi-University I/U CRC between UMN and UCSC

May 14–15, 2009

402 Walter Library


Day 1: May 14 (Time is CST)
11:00–11:20Welcome and Introductions, Introduction from every attendee David Du, Center Director University Administrators Dean Crouch, UMN Anyone from UCSC?
11:20–12:00Vision of the Center David Du, Center Director Ethan Miller, UC Site Director
12:00–12:15Break (getting box lunch at UMN side)
12:15–12:45Overview of I/UCRC Model: Membership benefits, IP agreement, project selection process Babu DasGupta and Alex Schwarzkopf, NSF; David Meyer, NSF Center Evaluator
12:45–14:00Proposed Research Project Presentations: Center Researchers (Names and University) Project 1: Integrating Flash Memory into the Storage Hierarchy: Fundamentals to Applications UMN; Presenter: David Lilja Project 2: Extreme Binging: Scalable, Parallel Deduplication for Chunk-based File Backup UCSC; Presenter: Deepavali Bhagwat Project 3: Efficient Content-Aware Data Deduplication UMN; Presenter: David Du Project 4: Power Management UMN; Presenter: David Du
14:00–14:15Break (getting box lunch at UCSC)
14:15–16:15Proposed Research Project Presentations Center Researchers (Names and University) Project 5: Sharing and Navigating Large Scale File Systems Based on Facets UCSC; Presenter: Yi Zhang Project 6: Scientific Data Management UMN; Presenter: Mohamed Mokbel Project 7: New Paradigms for Managing Data in Petabyte-Scale Storage Systems UCSC: Presenter: Ethan Miller or Darrell Long Project 8: Storage Preservation and Security UMN; Presenter: Yongdae Kim Project 9: Managing Exascale Archival Storage Systems UCSC; Presenter: Ethan Miller or Darrell Long Project 10: Improving the Efficiency and Reliabilty of File systems on Storage Class Memories UCSC; Presenter: Ethan Miller or Darrell Long
16:15–17:15Industrial Workshop: Selection of IAB chair, Determine Center by-laws, Q&A with NSF NSF and IAB (Industrial Advisory Board)
17:30–1900Evening Social Event
Day 2: May 15
11:00–12:15Industry Discussion of LIFE (Level of Interest Feedback Evaluation) Forms NSF Moderated with IAB Representatives
12:15–12:30Break (Getting lunch box UMN)
12:30–13:30 NSF Closed Session with Industry NSF and IAB Representatives
13:30–13:45Break (Getting lunch box UCSC)
13:45–14:45IAB Feedback to Center IAB Chair
14:45–15:45Closing David Du, UMN and Ethan Miller, UCSC

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