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6th International Radiance and HDR Scientific Workshop

October 1–2, 2007

402 Walter Library


Radiance imageDownload pdf flyer, (1.48 MB) Purpose: To provide researchers, PhD students, educators and design practitioners with an opportunity to present their work with the Radiance lighting simulation software and associated high dynamic range imaging technologies, and to share ideas and solutions with other attendees. Topics: Lighting simulation; High dynamic range capture; High dynamic range display; Climate-based modelling; Validation; Case studies; Real-time rendering; New Daylight Metrics Background: The Radiance lighting simulation system was developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and is freely available for both research and commercial use. Radiance is used by researchers, practitioners and educators to investigate and solve a wide range of traditional and novel illumination problems. It is used by architects and engineers to predict illumination, visual quality and appearance of standard and innovative design spaces, and by researchers to evaluate new lighting and daylighting technologies. Radiance has been rigorously validated — more so than any other prediction method — and proven to be capable of high accuracy. It is a de facto standard for both practitioners and researchers. Closely related to Radiance is the theory and practice of high dynamic range (HDR) imaging — both capture and display. (contents provided by John Mardaljevic, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development De Montfort University, UK) Links to previous workshops: