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New Media Research Breakfast


Cristóbal Cobo
Communication and Information Technology department
FLACSO-Mexico (Faculty of Latin American Social Sciences)

Thursday, October 4, 2007
8:30–10:00 am

401 Walter Library

We've jumped on an opportunity to have Mexican new media scholar, Dr. Cristóbal Cobo, who is in town for some other business, to be the first New Media Research Breakfast speaker of the semester. The Breakfast will be at the Digital Technology Center — Walter Library, Room 401 Thursday, Oct. 4 8:30–10 a.m. His topic: Planet Web 2.0


Here is a bit about Dr. Cristóbal Cobo. He is Professor and director of the Communication and Information Technology department, FLACSO-Mexico (Faculty of Latin American Social Sciences). At FLACSO, he manages projects related to innovation, distance education, and knowledge management supported by information and communications technologies. Dr. Cobos presentation offers a review of different concepts and principles, from the collective intelligence perspective (also described as "the wisdom of crowds," "architecture of participation," and Intercreativity) to the idea of the Internet as fast food mass media (cheap, short lifespan and low quality content). His new e-book, "Planet Web 2.0. Collective intelligence or media 'fast food'," (in Spanish — is a mosaic of academic reflections oriented to understanding the implications of the current evolution of the Internet and its application. He reports that in the first week of its release it has already registered 40,000 downloads! He's got Latin America buzzing. Come to the New Media Research Breakfast to hear what all the buzzing is about.