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DTC Seminar Series

Internet Quality of Service and Pricing — Not All Bits Have Equal Value


M. Angela Sasse
Department of Computer Science
University College, London

Tuesday, November 6, 2001
10:00 am

Presidents Room at the Radisson

Network QoS techniques aim to improve quality delivered to end-users. Dr. Sasse's research over the past 4 years, however, has demonstrated that the way in which users experience and assess quality is a complex process and that there is no direct relationship between objective QoS parameters and user satisfaction. Users judge quality in terms of their goals and expectations, and value consistency and predictability. This talk will argue that service providers must pay attention to the ways in which users assess a service, and will present the key factors that determine users' experience of a service and the relationship to charging.


M. Angela Sasse is a Reader in the Dept of Computer Science at University College London, UK (the first Internet site outside the US, and one of the leading academic communications research centres). She has been researching design and usability issues of Internet multimedia applications since 1990. Dr. Sasse's main research interests at the moment are user-centered approaches to network Quality of Service and charging for Internet use (in collaboration with Anna Bouch), audio and video quality assessment methods (including physiological responses and eye tracking), and security and privacy implications of the technology. See: for additional information on Dr. Sasse's work.