University of Minnesota


2007 Digital Technology Initiatives Forum

Monday, February 19, 2007
11:30 am–2:30 pm

402 Walter Library


Poster 1:Digital Story Effects Lab: Research into the Effects of Alternative Digital Story Designs on News Audiences
Investigators:Chu, Sue (Design, Housing, and Apparel) Paul, Nora (Institute for New Media Studies) Ruel, Laura (Visual Communication and Multimedia) Moses, Monica (Star Tribune) Tacy, Will (Star Tribune Online)
Poster 2:Deep Infrared Anatomical Imaging through Tissue with Stroboscopic Lighting
Investigators: Ericson, Marna (Dermatology) Sedgewick, Jerry (Neuroscience) Messer, Margaret (Li-Cor Biotechnology, Inc.)
Poster 3:Improving Chronic Disease Care Using Data Mining Technologies
Investigators:Johnson, Paul E. (Information and Decision Sciences) Adomavicius, Gedas (Information and Decision Sciences) O.Connor, Patrick J. (HealthPartners Research Foundation) Rush, William A. (HealthPartners Research Foundation)
Poster 4:Discrete, Statistical and Computational Methods in Rat Neural Spoke Train Decoding
Investigators:Nykamp, Duane Quinn (Mathematics) Redish, Aaron David (Neuroscience) Yong, Alexander (Mathematics)
Poster 5:Mining Hospital Data to Optimize Patient Flow
Investigators:Potthoff, Sandra (Public Health) Gupta, Diwakar (Industrial & Systems Engineering) Tredal, Steven (United Hospital)
Poster 6:Development of a Thin-Sheet Laser Illuminator for Optical Sectioning
Investigators:Santi, Peter A. (Otolaryngology) Leger, James (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Morrison, Curt (Leeds Precision, Instruments, Inc.)
Poster 7:Computation, Organization and Analysis of Metabolic Pathway Data in the Context of Global Transcription Profiles
Investigators:Srienc, Friedrich (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and BioTechnology Institute) Boley, Daniel (Computer Science and Engineering) Khodursky, Arkady (Biochem., Molecular Biol. & Biophys., and BioTechnology Institute)
Poster 8:Using Electronic Health Record Data to Predict Medical Emergencies for Homecare Patients
Investigators:Westra, Bonnie L. (Nursing) Marek, Karen Dorman (University of Wisconsin.Milwaukee) Muhovich, David (Bethel University) Der-Fa Lu (University of Iowa) Hwanjo Yu (University of Iowa)
Poster 9:Traffic Behavior Profiling and Anomaly Detection for Network Security Monitoring and Attack Detection
Investigators:Zhang, Zhi-Li (Computer Science and Engineering) Kumar, Vipin (Computer Science and Engineering) Bhattachyyra, Supratik (Sprint Advanced Technology Labs)

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