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DTC Seminar Series

The Ephemerizer: Making Data Disappear


Radia Perlman
Distinguished Engineer
Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
11:00 am

101 Walter Library

THIS TALK DESCRIBES HOW TO MANAGE DATA in such as way that it can be created with an expiration date, made reliably recoverable until the expiration date, and then made reliably unrecoverable after that date. The obvious solution is to encrypt the data, and then discard the key. However, it's hard enough for a user to manage one key, much less different keys for different expiration dates. So our system involves use of key managers, where the expenses and expertise of managing keys can be concentrated, and amortized over many users and many files. The system also requires only a small amount of trust in the key manager.


Radia Perlman specializes in network and security protocols. She is the inventor of the spanning tree algorithm used by bridges, and the mechanisms that make modern link state protocols efficient and robust. She is the author of two textbooks, and has a PhD from MIT in computer science.