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Industrial Affiliates Open House

Friday, October 1, 2004
8:30 am–12:00 pm

402 Walter Library


All demonstrations and poster presentations will be in 401 Walter, unless otherwise noted

Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Robotics and VisionDistributed Robotics Research Group Maria Gini Nikos Papanikolopoulos Stergios Roumeliotis Richard Voyles
Bioinformatics and Computational BiologyYiannis Kaznessis Research Group Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Antimicrobial Peptides in Membrane Environments: The Search for Novel Therapeutic Agents, Himanshu Khandelia Using Stochastic Methods to Design Gene Networks, Howard Salis Jiali Gao Research Group Effects of Enzyme Dynamics on Haloalkane Dehalogenase Catalyzed Reaction — Combined QM/MM Study, Kwangho Nam A Combined QM/MM Study of the Catalytic Pathway of Human Cathepsin K:The Hydrolysis of Peptide in Enzyme and Solution, Shuhua Ma
Databases and DataminingGeorge Karypis Research Group Efficient Pattern Discovery Algorithms for Diverse Datasets Using Data Mining to Unravel the Puzzle of Life
Digital Design Consortium 107 WalterDigital Design Consortium Affiliated Research Groups Color simulations Virtual Reality Window
Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering 125 WalterPaul Woodward Research Group Demonstration of the LCSE’s PowerWall
Networking and Intelligent StorageDavid Du Research Group Infrastructure for Datanomic Computing, Yingping Lu and Dingshan He QoS Provisioning for OSD-based System, Yingping Lu and Dingshan He
Supercomputing Institute 585 WalterUniversity of Minnesota Faculty Supported Research Projects
Usability Laboratory B26 WalterUsability Services Staff, U of M Office of Information Technology Demonstration of Usability Laboratory capabilities and services available
Wireless Communication and Signal ProcessingGeorgios Giannakis Research Group MIMO and Cross-Layer Designs for 4th Generation Wireless, Pengfei Xia Innovations in Multiple Access and Wireless Sensor Networks, Alejandro Ribeiro Tom Luo Research Group Energy Efficient Decentralized Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks, Alex Krasnopeev and Jinjun Xiao Quasi-Maximum-Likelihood Detection in Wireless Communications, Mikalai Kisialiou