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Number Theory Conference in Honor of Harold Stark

August 5–7, 2004

402 Walter Library


Thursday, August 5
9:00Jeff Lagarias, AT&T Labs — Research and University of Michigan, Harold M. Stark — "The inside dope" — abstract, slides (PDF 1.52 MB)
10:00break, with refreshments
10:30Solomon Friedberg, Boston College, Hecke L-Functions, Eisenstein series, and the distribution of totally positive integers — abstract, paper (PDF 284 KB), slides (PDF 137 KB)
10:55Robert Perlis, LSU, Disconnected thoughts on Klein's four group and zeta functions of graphs — abstract
11:20Dongho Byeon, Seoul National University, Quadratic fields whose class number is divisible by p — abstract
11:45Ken McMurdy, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Explicit Generators for Endomorphism Rings of Supersingular Elliptic Curves — abstract, paper (PDF 272 KB), slides (PDF 133 KB)
12:10lunch (on your own)
2:00Audrey Terras, UCSD, Fun with Zeta and L-Functions of Graphs — abstract, slides (PDF 5.84 MB), slides (powerpoint 19.1 MB)
2:45Farshid Hajir, U. Massachusetts at Amherst, Some open questions about fundamental groups of number fields
3:10break, with refreshments
3:40Helen Grundman, Bryn Mawr, Zeta functions, class numbers, and the classification of Hilbert modular threefolds — abstract
4:05Olav Richter, Univ. North Texas, On Rankin-Cohen brackets for Siegel modular forms — abstract
4:30Russell Hendel, Towson Univ., Linear Equalities In Fibonacci Numbers abstract (PDF 22 KB), paper (PDF 317 KB)
4:55Robert Styer, Villanova, On the generalized Pillai equation — abstract, paper (PDF 178 KB)
Friday, August 6
9:00David Hayes, U. Massachusetts at Amherst, survey of Stark conjectures — abstract
10:00break, with refreshments
10:30Henri Darmon, McGill, Stark-Heegner points attached to real quadratic fields — slides
10:55Samit Dasgupta, UC Berkeley, Gross-Stark units attached to real quadratic fields
11:20Cristian Popescu, UCSD, Gross-Rubin-Stark-Tate — abstract
12:00lunch (on your own), followed by excursion: Historically narrated sightseeing boat tour along the Mississippi River (cost included in registration)
1:00Bus for excursion departs from Walter Library
1:45Board Boat at Harriet Island in St. Paul
3:45Load bus and return to Walter Library
6:00reception and conference banquet in Weisman Museum
Saturday, August 7
9:00Dorian Goldfeld, Columbia, Starks' work on class numbers
10:00break, with refreshments
10:30Kristin Lauter, Microsoft, Class invariants for quartic CM fields — abstract, paper (PDF 289 KB)
10:55Allison Pacelli, Williams, Class number divisibility in cyclic function fields — abstract
11:20Jeffrey Stopple, UCSB, Deuring-Heilbronn phenomenon and Euler's idoneal numbers — abstract
11:45Stefan Erickson, UCSD, Variations on a theme of Stark — abstract, slides (PDF 186 KB)
12:10lunch (on your own)
2:00Jeff Hoffstein, Brown, A survey of Siegel zeros: The story of O
2:45Ibukiyama Tomoyoshi, Osaka Univ., A conjecture on Shimura correspondence between vector valued Siegel modular forms of degree two — abstract
3:10break, with refreshments
3:40Tejaswi Navilarekallu, Caltech, On a refinement of strong Stark conjecture for ZA_4 abstract (PDF 80 KB)
4:05Po-yi Huang, National Taiwan Univ., Gross' conjecture for extensions ramified over four points
4:30David Grant, Univ. Colorado, On some Manin-Mumford problems — slides (PDF 75 KB)