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Industrial Affiliates Open House

Friday, May 2, 2003

402 Walter Library


Summary of Demonstrations, Posters, and Tours by Topic Area

DTC faculty research groupposter#location floornear roomtitle
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Jiali Gao4-094th floor460"Computational Enzymology: Pathways, Dynamics and Tunneling in Enzymatic Reactions"
Alexander Grosberg4-104th floor460"Are There Knots in a Genome String?"
Yiannis Kaznessisi4-114th floor460"To be announced"
Datamining and Databases
George Karypis4-134th floor450"Using Data Mining to Unravel the Puzzle of Life"
George Karypis4-144th floor450"GopherMiner: Making data mining an indispensable tool for analyzing and understanding diverse data sets"
George Karypis4-124th floor464"Demonstration of the data clustering tools developed by the group"
Distributed Robotics
Nikos Papanikolopoulos1-011st floor106"University of Minnesota Scout Robots"
Intelligent Storage Consortium (DISC)
David DuB-01basementB-34"Datanomic Storage System: An intelligent global infrastructure for anywhere, anytime location & context aware data access."
David DuB-03basementB-34"Dynamic Replica Management"
David DuB-05basementB-34"Efficient and Robust Data Path in Delivering SCSI commands from Remote Storage Systems"
David DuB-07basementB-34"Hybrid System Architecture"
David DuB-09basementB-34"Object Sharing in Distributed Network Attached Storage"
David DuB-11basementB-34"Security of Datanomic Computing (SDC)"
Thomas RuwartB-12basementB-34"Object-based Storage and Intelligent Storage Systems"
Graphics and Visualization: Digital Design Consortium
Baoquan Chen & Andrzej Piotrowski1-021st floor107"3D Digitization, Processing, Visualization and Stylization of Outdoor Environments"
Baoquan Chen & Andrzej Piotrowski1-031st floor107"SMARTPAPER: 3D Modeling from Interactive Sketching on Tablet PC"
Vicki Interrante & Lee Anderson1-041st floor107"A Virtual Environment for Conceptual Design in Architecture"
Gary Meyer1-051st floor107"Interactive Design of Metallic and Pearlescent Colors"
Graphics and Visualization: Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering
Paul Woodward1-061st floor125"Assorted Fluid Dynamics Visualizations & Overview of InTENsity PowerWall Display Technology."
Graphics and Visualization: Image Processing
Guillermo Sapiro4-014th floor493"Image Processing for Consumer, Medical, and Military Applications."
Grid Computing
Jon Weissman4-154th floor450"Community Services: Putting High-end Network Services On-line"
Zhi-Li ZhangB-02basementB-34"Failure Insensitive Routing for High Service Availability"
Zhi-Li ZhangB-04basementB-34"Enhancing BGP: Making Internet More Reliable"
Zhi-Li ZhangB-06basementB-34"Internet Economics"
Zhi-Li ZhangB-08basementB-34"Secure Name Service for Protecting Critical Information Services and Resources"
Zhi-Li ZhangB-10basementB-34"SOI: Service Oriented Internet"
Supercomputing Institute
Scientific Development and Visualization5-015th floor575"Visualization and Graphics Demonstration."
System Recognition and Verification
Wei Hsu4-034th floor475"ADORE: Adaptive Object Re-optimization System"
Wei Hsu4-044th floor475"DREAM — Dynamic Re-optimization for Application Migration"
David Lilja4-084th floor464"Recursive NanoBoxes: Reliable Circuits and Computer Architectures for Nanotechnology Devices"
Gopalan Nadathur4-024th floor477"Higher-Order Languages for Realizing Formal Systems"
Jaijeet Roychowdhury4-054th floor466"Modeling and Simulation of Substrate-Coupled Interference in Mixed Analog/Digital Ics"
Jaijeet Roychowdhury4-064th floor466"Nonlinear Model Reduction by Optimal Linear Mapping"
Jaijeet Roychowdhury4-074th floor466"The Minnesota Quick Analog Prototyping Platform (QAPP)"
Usability Laboratory
Office of Information TechnologyB-13basementB-26"Overview of Usability Evaluations Resources"
Wireless Communications
Georgios Giannakis4-164th floor435"Complex-Field Space-Time Coding: Full-Diversity, Full-Rate Multi-Antenna Communications, and Tradeoffs"
Ahmed Tewfik4-174th floor433"Optimal Load Balancing and Dynamic Frequency Allocation in Wireless LANs"
Ahmed Tewfik4-184th floor433"Univ of Minnesota UWB-OFDM submission to IEEE 802.15.3aWPAN standard"