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Intelligent Storage Workshop

May 20–21, 2003

402 Walter Library


2003 Intelligent Storage Workshop Presentations

Welcome Tom Ruwart pdf (207 KB) Welcome: Introduction and Motivation Andrew Odlyzko pdf (1.31 MB) 10 Year Technology Forecast for VERITAS T.W. Lanzatella pdf (365 KB) Object Storage and beyond Julian Satran pdf (413 KB) Lustre — A Platform for Intelligent Scale-Out Storage Rumi Zahir pdf (1.08 MB) Encrypted Storage James Hughes pdf (632 KB) Datanomic Computing David Du pdf (1.42 MB) Artful Intelligence — Creation and Composition of Distributed Storage Services Gary Orenstein pdf (346 KB) After the ASCI Search for the Intergalactic File System Gary Grider pdf (398 KB) Intelligent Storage and Disc Drives: A Seagate Perspective Erik Riedel Keynote Jai Menon Practical Challenges in Scaling Storage Networks Mark Bakke pdf (32 KB) Payoff Externalities, Informational Cascades and Managerial Incentives: A Theoretical Framework for IT Adoption Herding Robert J. Kauffman pdf (874 KB) Whaddaya Know? Information Transmission in IT Adoption Robert J. Kauffman pdf (1.13 MB) Intelligent Storage: Searching for "Killer Apps" Gedas Adomavicius pdf (520 KB) Organizational Usability of Cutting-Edge IT Solutions Alok Gupta pdf (245 KB) Roadmaps, Curves, and Barriers for Intelligent Storage — A Guided Discussion of next steps Tom Ruwart