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Third Intelligent Storage Workshop

May 4–5, 2005

402 Walter Library


2005 Intelligent Storage Workshop Presentations

Garth Gibson (Panasas), “Storage Aggregation for Performance and Availability: The Path from Physical RAID to Virtual Objects” — pdf 2.7MB

David Du (University of Minnesota), “DTC Intelligent Storage Consortium Research Activities” — pdf 697KB

Gary Grider (LANL), “Scalable I/O, File Systems, and Storage Networks R&D at Los Alamos LA-UR-05-2030” — pdf 388KB

Rick Stevens (IBM), “Information Based Medicine: The Mayo Clinic/IBM Collaboration” — pdf 610KB

Julian Satran (IBM), “Object Storage — The Challenge Ahead: Make it Commercially Viable” — pdf 845KB

Tom Lanzatella (Veritas), “10 Year Technology Outlook for VERITAS” — pdf 278KB

Dave Anderson (Seagate), “Intelligent Storage: Current Work at Seagate” — pdf 625KB

James Hughes (Storage Technology Corporation), “Encrypted Storage — Challenges and Method” — pdf 3.0MB

Alain Azagury (IBM), “Supporting continuous availability” — pdf 1.9MB

Jerry Fredin (Engenio), “Placing Intelligence in the IO Path” — pdf 2.7MB

Fabio Maino (Cisco), “FC-SP: An Overview of the Standard for Fibre Channel Security” — pdf 208KB

Jesse Bockstedt (University of Minnesota), “Technology Roles in an Ecosystem Model of Technology Evolution” — pdf 3.6MB

Yongdae Kim (University of Minnesota), “Security and accounting for Storage Service Provider” — pdf 510KB

Thomas M. Ruwart (IO Performance), “Future Directions” — pdf 47KB