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ASIMO visits the University of Minnesota

An old person needs help but can't get out of her chair to dial 911, so she has her assistant do it. A building collapses, and a rescue worker who can’t squeeze into the pile of rubble to look for survivors has his assistant do it. These are just two of the possible roles that robots are likely to play in our future. A series of demonstrations in the Great Hall of Coffman Union Feb. 24-26, illustrated some of the advanced capabilities robots already have. These events, which were attended by over 4,400 people at nine demonstrations over three days, centered on the visit of ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility), a walking, talking, dancing and very humanlike robot developed by Honda Motor Co. Along with ASIMO, Scout robots developed at the University of Minnesota will also be put through their paces.

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The ASIMO visit was sponsored by Honda, the Institute of Technology, and the University of Minnesota.

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