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September 18, 2006

Reception honors William Rohde of Unisys

University faculty and administrators gathered at the Digital Technology Center (DTC) on Sept. 12 to celebrate William Rohde’s contribution to the University through his position at Unisys.

Rohde served as the Alliance Manager, assisting in the Unisys U of M Alliance and fostered a supportive relationship with student groups and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).

He encouraged recruiting, research and continuing education as priorities in the industry alliances with the University. In recognition for his years of service to the CSE department and students, Rohde received a Certification of Appreciation Award in October of 2005.

At this week’s event he was recognized again with warm remarks from faculty and University personnel and with gift donated by Unisys, a framed picture of “fluid turbulence” on a 1003 mesh, run by a Unisys ES7000.

“The relationship we have with you is kind of immortal,” said Vipin Kumar, CSE department head. He also cited a lecture series in which Rohde participated as being one of his significant contributions.

The Institute of Technology’s Associate Dean, Mos Kaveh, said that the institute needed a champion in industry. He added, “[Rohde has] certainly been an example of a champion.”

Rohde said it was exciting to be a part of the University and its activities. He said it was a rewarding experience to work with the University and added, “You receive so much more than you give.”

Rohde’s reception was hosted by the DTC, Supercomputing Institute, the CSE department, the Institute of Technology (IT), the Information and Decisions Sciences, Carlson School of Management, and the Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering.