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January 22, 2004

Remote seminar: "What is a supercomputer?"

ON JANUARY 22 2004, the University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, in conjuction with Minnesota based Technology and Information Education Services, gave a remote seminar via Internet2 with Holland Woods Middle School in Michigan and South St. Paul High School. The presentation titled “What is a Supercomputer?” was presented by Dr. H. Birali Runesha and Dr. Yuk Sham. The presenters gave the seminar from the Digital Technology Center’s seminar room. Holland Woods Middle School and South St. Paul High School viewed the seminar remotely from their classrooms via Internet2.



Runewsha, Sham

H. Birali Runesha and Yuk Sham, presenters. South St. Paul High School, remote classroom


H. Birali Runesha presenting


Yuk Sham presenting, Holland Woods Middle School, remote classroom