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February 21, 2005

Minneapolis ranks as America’s top tech city

THE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER (DTC) and the University are two reasons why Minneapolis ranks as America’s top tech city, according to a just-published article in Popular Science.

The magazine evaluated cities on the basis of six broad categories: connected citizenry (use of such markers as cell phones, HDTV, computers, and satellite cable); transportation innovation; number of high-tech job opportunities per capita; use of technology in education; the smart use of energy; and use of technology in health care and emergency medical care.

Minneapolis ranked first among U.S. cities in innovative transportation solutions, fourth in energy technology, and placed above the 50th percentile in every category measured. Calling the University “home to quite a roster of innovative thinkers” and an “invention factory,” the article describes the synergy created by the DTC’s interdisciplinary research and by partnerships between the University and industry, all of which typify the city’s innovative mindset.