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Minnesota Internet Traffic Studies (MINTS)

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•Nov 17, 2009MINTS pages updated, many new reports, further slight slowdown in wireline traffic growth rate
•Mar 18, 2009Possible further slowdown in wireline traffic growth, continued (and possibly unsustainable) growth in wireless data traffic
•Feb 8, 2009MINTS pages updated to year-end 2008, some new reports
•Nov 23, 2008Several traffic reports: As before, the only visible floods are in wireless
•Sep 23, 2008Australian traffic growth comes to a sudden stop, other sources report mixed results
•Aug 29, 2008Streaming and other claimed problems: Data from PlusNet and Japan
•Aug 11, 2008A dramatic decline in traffic growth? Cogent reports absolute traffic decline, but other signs less dire
•Jul 30, 2008MINTS pages updated, RSS feed available
•Jun 25, 2008Wireless traffic
•Jun 23, 2008Canadian traffic data
•Jun 16, 2008Cisco estimates and forecasts
•Apr 15, 2008Network buildout and expansion costs are moderate