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Minnesota Internet Traffic Studies (MINTS)

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MINTS -- 2002-2009 FICIX Analysis
Site: FICIX 2002-2009 2006 2007 2008 2009
Site NameFinnish Communication and Internet Exchange (FICIX)
Home Page
Number Links1
Start Date10-7-2005
Stop Date8-22-2009
Link NameCurrent Link StatsAverage TrafficFinal TrafficAnnual Growth RateStart (MM-DD-YYYY)Stop (MM-DD-YYYY)
Finnish Communication and Internet Exchange URL 9.392e+09 1.360e+10 1.211 10-7-2005 8-22-2009
Incoming Equationy = 10^(6.8412) * 10^(0.0002x)
Incoming Decimal Log Fit Equationlog(y) = 6.8412 + 0.000227x
Incoming Annual Growth Rate1.2106
Outgoing Equationy = 10^(6.7720) * 10^(0.0002x)
Outgoing Decimal Log Fit Equationlog(y) = 6.7720 + 0.000233x
Outgoing Annual Growth Rate1.2167