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Initiatives in Digital Technology: 2007–08 Funded Proposals

Arthur Erdman, William Durfee, Gary Meyer, Nic Ward

Computer Aided Design Integrated with Virtual Reality for the Development of Medical Devices

The purpose of this project is to integrate computer-aided design (CAD) applications with a virtual reality (VR) system for the development of medical devices. Currently, designers use a CAD based system to create a 3-dimensional model of the part or assembly. A prototype is made from the model to test the device and make design changes. Each iterative cycle is expensive and time consuming for the company. Other systems use VR applications to visualize product features and its interaction with a given environment. These CAD and VR systems are not designed specifically for the design of medical devices. By combining a CAD application with a virtual reality environment specifically for medical devices, the designer can test the CAD model in virtual tissue or organ environments and receive instantaneous feedback about the design. Design engineers could select optimal design(s) based on a given medical application. A wider set of device parameters would be evaluated more quickly and at less cost prior to manufacturing and testing prototypes on biological systems. The main goal of this project is to create a virtual reality medical device design tool that can be used by a medical device company to save them time and money.

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