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Initiatives in Digital Technology: 2006–07 Funded Proposals

Hans G. Othmer, Claudia Neuhauser, Michael B. O'Connor

Development of a Course in Quantitative Biology

It is widely-recognized that mathematics will play an increasingly-important role both in the development of models of biological processes and in the analysis of experimental data within the framework of such models. It is also recognized that the current training of graduate students, both in the biological sciences and the physical sciences and engineering, does not prepare students from either side to apply quantitative methods to biological problems. On the biological side, the typical undergraduate curriculum provides little mathematical training, while on the physical sciences/engineering side there is little training in modern biology. We propose to address these gaps by developing a year-long course for first-year graduate students that simultaneously provides the mathematical background for biologists and the biological background for students in physical science/engineering. This course will be team taught and will involve projects done jointly by students from both sides under the joint direction of advisers from both sides.

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