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Initiatives in Digital Technology: 2004–05 Funded Proposals

Allison Hubel, Marc Jenkins, Sundaram Ramakrishnan, Jerry Sedgewick

Visualization of Biological Events at Ideal Near Infrared Wavelengths

The use of optical methods to visualize biological events has been hampered by absorption and scattering of light. Recent advances in both detection and nanotechnology provides an important platform upon which to develop new methods of visualizing biological information. To that end, we propose to develop a method of visualizing biological systems using near infrared wavelengths. This method is designed to be non-invasive and permit imaging at much greater depths than previously thought possible. Specifically, we will be using lead selenide (PbSe) quantum dots combined with a near infrared detection system to image the distribution of the quantum dots in a mouse model. This project combines efforts and interests of a diverse group of faculty from the Institute of Technology and the Medical School. Furthermore, the project leverages expertise in imaging at the Biomedical Image Processing Laboratory at the University of Minnesota. We believe that the investment in this technology platform results in technology development with a high potential for both external funding and development of intellectual property. We are requesting this funding from the DTC because external agencies do not fund technology development in general and the capital cost of the equipment is high enough to provide a significant barrier.

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